Oakland Church In Shambles After Being Robbed 8 Times In 2 Months

Brittany M. Hughes | June 13, 2024
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The pastor of an Oakland, California church said her congregation’s house of worship has been robbed at least eight separate times - but that no one, including city officials, seems to want to do anything about it.

Pastor Grace Ugeh said the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church has been targeted by vandals and thieves more than half a dozen times in the past two months alone, with one report stating the building’s been hit no fewer than 12 times. On top of taking anything of value from the sanctuary, including chairs, thieves have also stolen the copper from the electrical wiring and cut the pipes, leaving the building without water or electricity. Sheetrock has even been ripped from the walls, windows are busted and boarded up, and vandals have left graffiti scrawled across the decimated facility.

Ugeh said her congregation now meets by flashlight, sitting on folded chairs they bring from home and take with them when they leave.

She told Fox2 she’s reached out to Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao and the police, but no one at the city level has offered to help.

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"I would have left, but we own the building so what do I do?" Ugeh said. "What do I say to my lenders?”

"We come in this morning for service, the vandals…they ripped the walls, I don’t understand what they want. I don’t know…this is supposed to be a church," she went on.

"It's a church, if you don't have a church, how can you pray for the city," Ugeh said. "Our job is to pray for the city."

Thankfully, you can pray for the city from anywhere - and Lord knows Oakland needs it. CNN reports that robberies in Oakland skyrocketed 38% last year alone, according to police data. Burglaries increased 23%, while car thefts rose 44%, and about one in every 30 city residents had a car stolen last year. Police have already recorded 40 homicides in Oakland this year alone.

Not that anyone much cares, apparently.

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