NBC Tries Fact-Checking 'DeSantis Airlines' Claim - and BOMBS

Brittany M. Hughes | November 9, 2023
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Remember when Ron DeSantis sent some planes over to Israel and brought back hundreds Americans left stranded by the Biden administration?

Yeah, according to NBC News, he didn’t really do that. OK, well, he did - but hell if they’re gonna give him credit for it.

According to the outlet’s official “fact-checker” running interference for Democrats during Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate, DeSantis’ claim that he ordered the evacuation of some 700 Americans stuck in Israel following Hamas’ terror attack only “half true." 

NBC began by splitting hairs, countering DeSantis’ statement that Biden had left Israeli-Americans to find their own way home by claiming, “The Biden administration initially told Americans in Israel to take advantage of commercial flights on Oct. 9, but flights from Israel to the U.S. were scarce and prices were reportedly as high as $25,000. Some Americans in Israel at the time posted on social media that they were stranded.”

Translation? They were really stranded, per se - there were only like two planes and it cost a years’ salary to get on one. Totally not the exact same thing.

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Oh, and the Florida governor’s claim that he sent over some planes to get everyone out? True…we just can’t admit that. Instead, NBC reports:

On Oct. 12, DeSantis signed an executive order that allowed the Florida Division of Emergency Management to pay for Americans in Israel to fly back to the U.S. The flights, however, were organized by Tampa-based nonprofit Project Dynamo, which specializes in rescuing Americans in distress, and DeSantis’ primary role was to fund the flights.

NBC also noted that Biden did eventually send some planes over to bring American citizens home, but made them pay their own way. Rides on DeSantis' flights, on the other hand, were free.

Thankfully, thanks to Elon Musk, users over on X quickly added a community note to clear up the waters muddied by NBC and their left-leaning “fact-checkers.”

“The governor ordered the evacuation via an EO. The mechanics of how it was done doesn’t negate the fact that the Governor’s statement is true,” the note read.