Libs Melt Down After Matt Walsh Joins ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars' Lineup

Brittany M. Hughes | September 14, 2023
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Matt Walsh is going to be on “Dancing With the Stars,” per a list of upcoming contestants tweeted…er…x’ed? …out by the ABC show’s official account.

Now, If you’re thinking of Matt Walsh, the conservative commentator, sorry to bum you out - we aren’t talking about that Matt Walsh.

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The Matt Walsh who will soon be trying to two-step alongside a trained dancer without breaking an ankle is this one, the 58-year-old actor who played Mike McLintock in Veep and Dr. Valsh in The Hangover back in 2009. Of course, the fact that the Matt Walsh tapped by the ABC talent show isn’t the Daily Wire host reviled by the left for opposing things like child mutilation and porn in schools didn’t stop rabid liberals over on Twitter/X from blasting ABC for casting such a hateful bigot in their line-up.

Scores of others immediately slammed the show for including Walsh - before quickly deleting their tweets and trying to scrub the egg from their faces.

The Google isn’t strong with these guys.

Thankfully, Matt Walsh the Conservative Commentator was game to have a little fun with the confusion:

Perhaps ABC should consider actually adding him to the show - based on social media’s reaction, more people might actually tune in.