Illegal Aliens Rally Outside NYC City Hall, Demanding Housing & Jobs

Brittany M. Hughes | April 16, 2024
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Hundreds of illegal aliens from Africa and Haiti are currently protesting outside City Hall in New York City, mad that the country they illegally entered isn’t doing enough to house them and give them jobs.

According to this, hordes of “migrants” from countries including Haiti, Guinea, Senegal, and others rallied outside the city building Tuesday, at the same time New York City Council's committees on immigration and hospitals held oversight hearings on the city’s handling of the thousands of migrants that have flooded into the Big Apple thanks to President Joe Biden’s policies that have let millions of illegal aliens stream across the Southwest U.S. border since early 2021.

The migrants, most of whom don’t speak English, told reporters they’re upset at being put into temporary shelters, only to get kicked out after a certain amount of time with nowhere to go. (Because, as we all know, invading a nation in violation of its immigration laws and demanding to be put up on the taxpayer dime is the new norm.)

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They also say they’re upset because the city isn’t streamlining their work permits, making it tough for them to get a job in the meantime.

"I'm very upset about it, because I was not thinking it would be this way. Lack of shelter. Lack of many things. Lack of jobs," one illegal alien said, per CBS News.

Gosh. Terribly sorry that we’ve only spent a few hundred billion in tax dollars to make sure migrants have a roof over their heads and three square meals after they flipped the bird to our laws and barged in unlawfully, even as our own taxpaying citizens struggle to buy eggs and put gas in their cars.

We’ll try to be more accommodating.

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