Illegal Aliens Plant Venezuelan Flag on Texas Island While Crossing the River

Brittany M. Hughes | September 26, 2023
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There was a time when legal immigrants coming to America were so sold-out for the American dream, they wouldn’t even let their own children speak anything but English at home in an effort to assimilate into the country that gave them a bright future and a sanctuary from whatever dump they’d managed to escape. But in 2023 America, we’ve traded that melting pot for a fetid stew of people who flout our laws, cut the line, and make no effort to hide their open disdain for the country they’re demanding take them in.

Example? This group of migrants who brazenly planted a Venezuelan flag on a small, Texas-owned island in the middle of the river while they were illegally crossing it to get to the open border on the other side.

Thankfully, that particular piece of offensiveness was quickly removed by a Texas DPS Tactical Marine Unit, who pulled down the flag and disposed of it, hopefully in a sewage tank somewhere.

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Here’s the thing: if the socialist garbage dump of Venezuela was working out for you well enough that you’d haul a national flag to the U.S. and chunk it in the Texas dirt on your way to break our immigration laws and invade our nation? Just stay in the garbage dump. I’ve been there. There are plenty of shantytowns in which to squat, thanks to Big Government and bad left-wing economic policies. In the meantime, stop sucking resources from legal immigrants who want to come to America so badly, they’re willing to wait in line and migrate the legal way.

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