Illegal Alien Arrested 7 TIMES In His First Two Months In NYC

Brittany M. Hughes | September 5, 2023
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When leftists cry crocodile tears about the swarms of migrants flooding across the border, they paint the picture of hoards of frantic women, their arms loaded down with malnourished toddlers, wading across the Rio Grande in the desperate search for sanctuary from gang violence, starvation, and despair.

The truth? The vast majority of illegal aliens are grown men, people who by their very presence have made it known they care nothing for US immigration law. Even worse? Some of them don’t care about the law at all - like this guy.

A new report out of New York City, which has been overwhelmed by homeless border-crossers looking for tax-subsidized housing, food, and resources, reveals one illegal alien who’s already been arrested seven times for 14 different crimes in the mere two months he’s been in the country.

Daniel Hernandez Martinez, a 29-year-old Venezuelan national, arrived in the United States earlier this summer and, like tens of thousands of other migrants in search of housing and support, quickly made his way to the Big Apple. Just one day after arriving in NYC on June 27, he was arrested for shoplifting at a Brooklyn Costco, where police say he stole a jar of Nutella, some slippers and sneakers, hats, razor blades, and body wash. He was slapped with a petty larceny charge and released. Less than two weeks later, he was picked up for lifting a tool kit from a Manhattan Duane Reade store.

On July 7, Martinez reportedly threatened a security guard with a knife after the officer tried to stop him from stealing some chips and toothpaste from another store. The charge? “Menacing,” and it wasn’t enough to hold him.

On July 31, he assaulted a 52-year-old man with a bike tire outside the Row Hotel in Times Square. He managed to get away, only to be arrested for the attack a week later. He wasn’t held long though - on August 31, a released Martinez went on to seemingly randomly attack a woman in Midtown. The incident got him arrested and booked on menacing, assault, criminal mischief, and possession of a weapon.

He was again released.

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Within three days, he’d been picked up again for reportedly threatening someone with a chain. Released again.

Four days later, police caught him using a metal pipe to break locks to steal bikes in Times Square. Add to the rap sheet a few charges for petty larceny, criminal mischief, and possession of stolen property and burglary tools. After asking to be taken to a hospital, he assaulted a cop. A sixth arrest in Brooklyn shows three bench warrants had already been issued for Martinez after he failed to show in court.

Despite the $10,000 bail and $10,000 bond requested by the prosecutors due to the assault on the police officer, the judge set bail at a measly $5,000 - not that a dude who lifts toothpaste and bikes can afford it, I suppose - and sent Martinez off to Rikers.

Six arrests. Fourteen charges. Multiple assaults, all on strangers or cops.

One undocumented immigrant, with an unknown criminal history in his home country.

Just imagine what else we don’t know.