'I Like Kyle Rittenhouse, Too': Comedian Roasts George Floyd, Then Roasts Angry Audience

Brittany M. Hughes | February 12, 2024
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Comedian David Lucas' George Floyd joke went over like a lead balloon with…er…certain members of his audience at the Funny Bone Comedy Club over the weekend, after he cracked a line about Floyd’s death during an altercation with a Minneapolis police officer back in 2020.

“You want to show them the reason George Floyd got his neck kneeled on?” Lucas tossed out, eliciting several boos from his onlookers.

"Don't 'oo' at that joke,” he followed up. "It's just a joke man. I would have never kneeled on George Floyd's neck. I would have shot that n*gga."

The line prompted more than a few show-goers to fire back at Lucas for being “disrespectful” and “stooping low” before walking out of the show entirely - but not before one bumped fists with Lucas on his way out the door.

As his critics stormed out in a huff, Lucas quipped, “I like Kyle Rittenhouse, too,” saying he was “just warming up.”

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