GUTS: Teen Girls Refuse to Throw Shot Put Against Biological Male

Brittany M. Hughes | April 19, 2024
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Five female student athletes in West Virginia took a stance against the left’s war on women this week when they refused to participate in a shot put competition against a biological male.

NCAA swim champion Riley Gaines, who is no stranger to being forced to compete against a male masquerading as a woman, posted a video to X showing the female athletes taking their position, only to calmly walk away one by one in protest of Becky Pepper-Jackson, a 13-year-old biological male who’d been allowed on the women’s team.

Just two days earlier, the Richmond, Virginia-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled against a 2021 West Virginia law that mandated students in public schools and colleges compete on teams that matched their biological gender, regardless of their “identity.” Pepper-Jackson, who ran track on her middle school's girls team despite not actually being a girl, sued the state over the law, claiming discrimination. 

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In response to the ruling, these five bold young ladies declined to take part in a competition that was clearly stacked against them, and in favor of a male student with clear physical advantages. Which, in order to save women’s sports from being totally taken over by gender-confused men, is exactly what has to happen. It’s just too bad that it took high school students standing up for themselves because a bunch of cowardly adults refused.

"It's a sad day when 13-14yr old girls have to be the adults in the room, but I couldn't be more inspired by and proud of these girls," Gaines tweeted, adding, "The tide is turning!"

For the sake of all women, let's hope so. And kudos to these brave teenagers for leading the way.

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