Gen Zer Freaks Out Over Full-time Job: 'I Cannot Work a 9 to 5...I Will Simply Die'

Brittany M. Hughes | December 1, 2023
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Get ready for automated…well, everything.

Not only because leftists are so intent on forcing a hike in minimum wage that low-skilled jobs are now outsourcing work to machines to keep prices manageable. But also because working a 9 to 5 might “literally kill” the next generation. At least, that’s if this young woman is to be believed.

Speaking to her phone while sitting in her car, one pink-haired Gen Z-er explained how there’s no way she could ever work a full-time job - not because she has children to raise, or a home to keep up, or an aging parent to care for - but simply because she “starts to cry if I have 3 non-creative tasks to do a day.”

“I know this is gonna sound like some artsy creative who, you know, just doesn’t want to put in the hard work and hours but I physically do not think I can do it 'cause I think I will simply die,” she said.

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“Imagining eight hours a day of doing something I don’t really love for the rest of my life…” she shudders.

“I heard this quote in a show once and it said, ‘People like us can’t live normal lives, and if we try, it kills us.’ And honestly, I’m throwing myself into that category," she finished, before asking viewers to support her music career "to help me, you know, one step in the process of me literally not dying."

Thank God that when you pick up the phone to call a plumber, there are others in the world who aren’t afraid of hard work.

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