'This Is Crazy': College Grad Breaks Down Over Working a 9-5 Job

Brittany M. Hughes | October 26, 2023
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The internet is laughing hysterically at a young woman who posted a video complaining that her first full-time job fight out of college has left her with little time to go to the gym or enjoy her life. And I’m not gonna lie - it’s pretty funny.

“I know I’m probably just being so dramatic and annoying, but this is my first job, like my first 9-to-5 job after college, and I’m in person, and I’m commuting in the city. It takes me f***ing forever to get there,” the sobbing young woman complains to her cell phone camera.

She adds that “there’s no way” she could afford to live in the city, so she’s forced to endure the long commute to work every morning.

“Like f***ing duh if I was able to walk to work, it would be fine. But I’m not,” she goes on. “So I get on the train at like 7:30 and I don’t get home until like 6:15 at the earliest and then like, I don’t have time to do anything. Like, I wanna shower, eat my dinner, and go to sleep.”

“The 9-to-5 schedule in general is crazy! Like, being in the office 9 to 5 - like, if it was remote, you get off at 5. You’re home and everything is fine. But I’m not - it takes me so long to get home…Like, how do you have friends? How do you have time to, like, meet a guy?”

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Well, that’s called Saturday and Sunday, honey.

Twitter users were more than happy to point out the absurdity of complaining about what most people consider a regular work day.

But these days? Degrees in environmental poetry, drowning in $150,000 worth of student debt, complaining about having to work a full-time job? We're doomed.

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