Biden State Dept: We Have 'An Understanding' With Hamas That They Can't Use Our Aid Money

Brittany M. Hughes | October 20, 2023
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A top Biden State Department official said Americans need not worry that tens of millions of taxpayer dollars’ worth of aid heading to the Gaza Strip will end up in the hands of Hamas terrorists.

How? Because there’s “an understanding.”


Speaking to CNN Thursday, Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer said the Biden administration “believe[s] there is an understanding” with Hamas - the same Hamas that had no qualms about strolling into Israel and massacring some 1,200 Jews, beheading babies, raping women, and hauling hundreds off as hostages - that the $100 million in U.S. aid that Biden has committed to Gaza and the West Bank meant for displaced Palestinians won’t wind up funding terrorists instead.

“How is the United States going to ensure that none of that ends up in the hands of Hamas?” the CNN host asked.

After blathering on for a moment about the “complicated” nature of getting aid into Gaza, Finer admitted the deal “involves securing an understanding among Hamas” and the U.S., Israeli, and Egyptian governments that the stuff will get where it’s meant to go.

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The host then questioned the wisdom of that brilliant plan, pressing Finer on whether the U.S. should seriously “take the word of Hamas” as truth.

“We believe there is an understanding,” Finer repeated.

Well that's that, I suppose. No reason to believe violent, evil barbarians who massacre grandmas and gun down young people at a music festival would ever lie about their intentions for millions of our dollars. I feel much better now.