This Is an Actual Defense Attorney In Seattle - No, Not Kidding

Brittany M. Hughes | April 5, 2024
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When you’re in need of a defense attorney and want the breast in the business, you hire this guy.



If, of course, your defense hinges on distracting a judge and jury to the point where they have to acquit you on the basis of…well…not actually knowing what’s going on because they can't see past the circus freak in the room.

Meet Stephanie Mueller, a Seattle defense attorney whose…er…assets? are turning heads thanks to video shot by journalist Jonathan Choe, who filmed the biological male and his prosthetic enhancements on full display in a Washington state courtroom this week.

Ngo reports Mueller - who is 70, by the way, and who has been practicing law for 20 years - was in court Thursday representing a far-left activist named Iris Boardman, who was arrested for disrupting a city council meeting to demand more housing for illegal aliens. Not, of course, that anyone is paying a lick of attention to his client when Mueller’s baritone voice and massive fake boobs are taking center stage.

How exactly this doesn't fall under "contempt of court" is beyond me. Then again, so is the notion that any biological male would not only believe himself to be a woman, but would think that this is what a woman looks like.