12-Year-Old Boy Dies After Fatal Car Crash With Illegal Alien Driver

Brittany M. Hughes | March 12, 2024
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Another child is now dead thanks to the open-border policies that have allowed millions of illegal aliens into the country. So in other words, it’s a day that ends in “y.”

Travis Wolfe, a 12-year-old boy from Hazelwood, Missouri, died last week after being taken off the life support he’d been on since December 20, when his family’s car was hit head-on by a driver traveling more than 70 mph in the wrong lane. It was the day before Travis’ birthday.

The driver of the other car? One Endrina Bracho, eventually identified as an illegal alien from Venezuela. While police said they weren’t focused on her immigration status as part of their criminal investigation, “It was just difficult identifying all parties involved because we didn’t have documentation or identifications in the vehicle to try to figure out who the two juveniles and the suspect were.”

Travis was immediately rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and placed on life support. His parents were transported with broken wrists and ribs, and a broken sternum, among other injuries, per the Post Millennial.

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In addition to being in the country illegally and not having her ID (or, more likely, a license to drive at all) in the vehicle, police said Bracho drove at least 1,700 feet - more than half a mile - going the wrong direction, and was traveling at over 70 mph in a 40-mile per hour zone at the time of the crash.

"1,700 feet is quite a big distance to travel at over 70 miles an hour on a 40-mile posted road. That’s a long way to travel in the wrong direction and not realize," Sgt. Scott Schnurbusch from the Hazelwood Police Department said.

Then again, 12 million-plus illegal aliens is quite a lot of undocumented law-breakers to allow in your country and not realize the threat it poses to citizens and legal residents. And yet now another child is dead, another woman is behind bars, and the turnstile at the border continues to spin.

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