British Politician Slams Greenpeace Stunt: "The Worlds Most Dangerous People"

Joe Schoffstall | October 15, 2010
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On October 7 Godfrey Bloom, a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party slammed a Greenpeace stunt taking place outside of the European Parliament. Bloom says the protesters are "armed with two ounces of brain matter", "never had a job in their lives", and are the "worlds most dangerous people." Bloom filmed the statement in front of the group blocking the building and doesn't hold back any criticism. He hits the nail on the head all within a one-minute clip.

This is not the first time Bloom has been vocal on the issue.

In 2009, Bloom slammed global warming saying "Isn't this really just about the state being able to get it's hand in ordinary people's trouser pocket to get more tax from them? Isn't this all about political control? Isn't all this about politics and big business? The whole thing is a sham, this bogus hypothesis, this ridiculous nonsense that man-made CO2 is causing global warming. Enough, please, before we damage the global economy."

I have to admit that I've never heard of the man before this, but he may be my new favorite person.

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