British Police Are Investigating a Christian Journalist For Allegedly 'Misgendering' a Trans Woman on Twitter


It turns out the massive rise in fatal teen stabbings across the United Kingdom aren’t enough to keep British police busy. Now, they’re going after a Christian journalist for supposedly “misgendering” someone on Twitter – a “crime” that could actually net a person jail time.

Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow said she was contacted by the police after a woman named Susie Green accused her of “misgendering” her transgender daughter.

And by "daughter," I mean a boy who thinks he’s a girl.

In a tweetstorm unleashed earlier this week, Farrow says the Guildford police reportedly contacted her over tweets she’d written five months ago in which she supposedly referred to Green’s “daughter” using male pronouns. The "offensive" tweets came after both Farrow and Green made an appearance on “Good Morning Britain” to discuss the Girl Guides' new rules on  accommodating transgender students.

Farrow added that she didn’t even remember the apparently offensive tweets in question, but said the police told her that she’d be arrested if she didn’t submit to an interview about the allegations.

According to The Spectator, police have confirmed they’re looking into the allegations.

Regardless of whether she’s found guilty, Farrow has maintained that she’ll continue to stand behind her belief that people can’t change their biological sex, and that “misgendering” trans people isn’t wrong.


You can check out the original GMB interview that supposedly set the whole thing off right here:


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