British PM Theresa May Just Gave One of the Best Media Comebacks Of the Year

Brittany M. Hughes | September 26, 2018

Taking a short break from the toxic news cycle that is all things Brett Kavanaugh, British Prime Minister Theresa May just gave perhaps one of the best and most hilarious responses to a reporter we’ve seen so far this year – and yes, I’m including some zingers from Defense Secretary James Mattis in that running. 

May, who’s spending the week in New York alongside fellow world leaders at a United Nations General Assembly, has been a strong proponent of “Brexit,” the U.K.’s impending withdrawal from the European Union, telling the UN during an address that a “post-Brexit Britain will be an unequivocally pro-business Britain” that will adopt a new immigration system to "attract the best talent."

But apparently, all that wasn’t a deep enough well of questions for one reporter, who decided on a slightly…well, shallower inquiry.

Instead, the reporter on Wednesday asked May, a self-professed Christian and regular church attender, what she prays for, asking if she “prays for strength” during her Brexit talks.

“What do I pray for when I get into church?” May replied. “Perhaps I should pray for serious questions from journalists.” 


(Cover Photo: Arno Mikkor)