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British Parliament Looks to Ban Redskins From Playing In England

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Two members of the British Parliament have penned a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, informing him that he must change the Washington Redskins name or choose another team to play in the game scheduled between the Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals in London next season. 

Unlike in the United States, British lawmakers don't have to bother with any of that "freedom of speech" nonsense. The letter states that the Redskins name is not welcome in Great Britain and points to the fact that Wembley Stadium, where the game is scheduled to be held, has a policy that prohibits "racial, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, chanting or harassment.”

The hilarious letter actually censors the letter "e" in the Redskins name as though the term were actually a swear word, and also assumes that Goodell has the power to unilaterally change the team's name (which he doesn't).

“We were shocked to learn the derivation of the term 'R*dskin,' pertaining as it does to the historic abuse of native Americans," read the letter, a copy of which was obtained by ESPN. "The exportation of this racial slur to the UK this autumn, when the Washington team is due to play, directly contravenes the values that many in Britain have worked so hard to instill."

We're shocked!! SHOCKED, I tell you!

The letter was written by British Labour Party members Ruth Smeeth and Ian Austin.

In case you were wondering, the Labour Party is one of two major leftist parties in England. (THEY HAVE TWO! Those lucky limeys!)

In any case, the lawmakers have not received any response from Goodell that we know of. Additionally, the idea that they are just now learning about the team's name is a pretty good indicator that they formed their conclusions concerning the Redskin's name controversy with little background or expertise on the matter. 

If you want to learn about the TRUE derivation of the Washington Redskin's name, check out this interview that MRCTV conducted with an expert on the matter a couple years back. It could change your mind if, like our British friends, you harbor pre-conceived notions as to the Redskin's history and truth behind the team name that drives liberals nuts. 

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