U.K. Journalist Tommy Robinson Knocks Out Migrant After Being Threatened In Italian 'No-Go Zone'


All you have to do is search the term “no-go zones Europe” on YouTube, and you will find a litany of videos with shocking examples of buildings, towns and cities overrun by Muslim migrants in countries that admitted them to escape violence in their home countries.

One British journalist decided to take action into his own hands by visiting one of these “no-go zones” while he was in Rome covering the Italian elections.

Independent citizen journalist and former founder of the now-Far Right English Defense League (EDL) Tommy Robinson watched a video of an Italian journalist who was attacked live on air “a couple years ago,” according to Robinson.

Robinson realized that the area in which the Italian TV network reporter Francesca Parisella and her cameraman were attacked was nearby the hotel he was staying at.

“I went to the areas I was told not to go to as a journalist,” Robinson said in the video. “I wanted to find out what was going on there.”

Here's Robinson's video - which includes video of the attack on Parisella and her cameraman:


Robinson said that “mere minutes” after he and his cameraman arrived in the supposed “no-go zone” they were spotted, and a one of the migrants went after the cameraman and his camera.

The one migrant that was especially enraged began saying, “You cannot [film here].”

The migrant began trying to intimidate Robinson and his cameraman. But if you know anything about Robinson, that’s a tactic that doesn’t work.

Robinson kept trying to prevent the migrant from taking the camera from his cameraman, even getting into the migrant's face and threatening him if the man didn't back down.

“I’ll put you to sleep,” Robinson told the migrant after being shoved a few times in another attempt to grab the camera.

As another migrant joined the fray in trying to stop Robinson’s cameraman from filming, Robinson dropped the hammer.

“I can kill your…,” the migrant said just before Robinson did what he initially told the man he was going to do if he continued to be threatened.

With those words, Robinson threw a mean right hook and knocked the man out cold.

Italian police showed up, and the incident was over after being broken up.

The video then ends with a message from Robinson.

“Given the kind of violence involved, the readiness in which these migrants will attack,” Robinson said, “it really isn’t surprising that Italy’s just voted to remove the politicians who brought this upon their own country.”

Robinson has received scrutiny in the past for his founding of the EDL. Robinson left the organization in 2013 after he noticed that the movement was steering too far to the Right.

H/T: Breitbart London

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