Brian Stelter Wants ‘Harm Reduction Model’ (Read: Censorship) For Fox News


Brian Stelter is spouting rubbish again.

CNN’s Chief Media Correspondent wants to limit Fox News influence, according to the Blaze. Then, worried that his wish sounded too much like “cancel culture,” Stelter reassured his viewers that all he wanted was a “harm reduction model.”

As an example of such a "model," Stelter cited the removal of posts deemed "misinformation" by social media companies. (Though everybody knows how trustworthy they are when it comes to removing “misinformation.”) But isn’t that censorship? No, because according to Stelter, "reducing a liar's reach is not the same as censoring freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach — and algorithmic reach is part of the problem."

Except that it's totally censorship - not that Stelter would realize it.

According to him, Fox News deserves a “harm reduction model” for claiming that “unity for Dems means locking up their opponents,” and “You can now be arrested for saying the wrong thing,” as Tucker Carlson headlined last week.

“This apocalyptic stuff is day in, day out on these channels,” Stelter said. “It is part of a radicalization pipeline that pits neighbor against neighbor and lets fear overpower courage. And it poisons American politics."

Of course, Stelter would never admit this due to obstinacy or stupidity, but what Carlson said is mostly true. Is Stelter sure he isn’t talking about CNN’s own broadcasts?

In the end, Stelter believes that "harm reduction is possible by adding more news and less opinion to the content.”

He should tell that to Chris Cuomo, not Carlson. 

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