Brett Favre Blindsided by CNN, Concussion Talk Turns into Vaccine Inquiry

Nick Kangadis | August 18, 2021
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Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre was a guest on CNN’s “At This Hour” on Tuesday to talk about the concussion risks for youth football players when, all of a sudden, host Kate Bolduan thought that was the perfect segue to talk about vaccines.

Favre took the stance that people should talk to medical experts before deciding whether or not to get vaccinated, while also saying that there’s a “great deal of uncertainty” because of all the conflicting information that comes out from one day to the next.

Bolduan, who didn’t seem pleased with Favre’s answer, went into business for Big Pharma and thought it was appropriate to flat out ask Favre whether he was vaccinated or not.

“There really isn’t conflicting info that the vaccine is safe, effective and needed and is a public health matter,” Bolduan said. “I mean, would you urge your current players to be getting a vaccine? I mean, have you been vaccinated?”

“I’d rather not say one way or the other,” Favre said, which made Bolduan visibly be taken aback by his answer. “I think it’s not my place to say ‘get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine.’ I think that’s a matter of choice by all individuals, and, you know, that’s why we live in America.”

The other guest, former professional wrestler and Founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation Chris Nowinski, tried to come to Favre’s aid and steer the conversation back to its original point, concussions.

For the full conversation, watch below (The vaccine discussion comes in at the 2:45 mark):