Breaking Woke: Bryan Cranston's Insane Woke Mea Culpa About His Own ‘White Blindness’

Gabriel Hays | February 18, 2022
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“White Blindness.” That is the newest pandemic inflicting just white folks according, to Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. Though considering how reflective this pale writer can be on a sunny day, I would say I feel Cranston’s pain.

Oh wait – this isn’t that kind of blindness? You mean it’s more of a rhetorical blindness characterizing the philosophical make-up of people who are white and privileged? Ah right, how could I be so dense? This is America in 2022 after all.

Yes, “white blindness” – the disease white people (and minorities who vote Republican) have that bars their sight of the pain minorities feel everyday. It’s the latest woke garbage coming out of Hollywood. Actor Bryan Cranston sported the term in a recent interview with left wing rag The L.A. Times, saying he suffers from this disease and needs to change.

Goodness do these people need to shut up.

Think of white blindness as illustrating the same idea as other Marxist phrase “unconscious bias,” that ridiculous idea peddled by “anti-racist” authors like Robin DiAngelo and 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones. It’s that white people are so privileged and coddled by their society that, by default, they can’t empathize completely with other minorities despite how much they try to engage with them, live with them and show charity towards them.

Unconscious bias, being bias you’re not aware of, can only be rectified by specific anti-racist training. If it sounds like a bunch of BS geared towards making you feel guilty as a white person no matter what choices you’ve made in your life, and then lead you to buy BS books written by race pimps. that’s exactly what it is. 

Cranston is low IQ enough to buy into it for the sake of fitting into an industry constantly demonizing white people and their privilege.

The sniveling, groveling Cranston admitted to the paper that he has “white blindness” and illustrated that him finding a movie scene belittling Ku Klux Klan members funny is evidence of the disease. Guess I can’t laugh at Django Unchained or Inglourious Basterds anymore. 

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“It is a privileged viewpoint to be able to look at the Ku Klux Klan and laugh at them and belittle them for their broken and hateful ideology,” he said. Oh we get it. To have a sense of humor regarding Nazis, Skinheads, Klan members – even if the subject matter is about making them look lame – is not reverent enough to the fear they’ve struck in the hearts of the oppressed.

He continued: “But the Ku Klux Klan and Charlottesville and white supremacists — that’s still happening and it’s not funny. It’s not funny to any group that is marginalized by these groups’ hatred, and it really taught me something.”

He then explained how this is a manifestation of “white blindness.” “And I realized, ‘Oh my God, if there’s one, there’s two, and if there’s two, there are 20 blind spots that I have … what else am I blind to?” he asked. 

Cranston wants us to know that it is a negative aspect of his whiteness that he doesn’t weep for the Klan’s victims 100 years after their tragic deaths. Yes, yes, we get it. He detests racists. He has signaled his virtue. Consider it acknowledged. 


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