Breaking: State. Dept. Refuses to Answer Whether Hillary Signed Separation Agreement

Barbara Boland | March 12, 2015
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State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki refused to answer whether Hillary had signed the State Department's separation agreement when she left the department. 

Former DOJ attorney Shannen Coffin believes that Hillary Clinton committed a crime if she signed the Department's Form SF-109 STATE-USIA Separation Form and still retained 50,000 emails on her private server.

All employees of the State Department are required to sign a document called the SF-109 STATE-USIA Separation Form upon the end of their employment with the department.

When asked if Hillary Clinton signed the form, Psaki said: "I think this has been asked, it was more than two years ago; I don't have an update on that specific question at this point."

It's just a yes or no question, Ms. Psaki.

It's not more complicated than that -- and we will all know the answer soon when the dozens of outstanding FOIA requests are answered. 

Apparently, the Department is committed to dragging out and lengthening this scandal for as long as possible.