BREAKING: Major Clinton Donor Compares Black Republicans to Jews Who Helped Nazis

Nick Kangadis | November 2, 2016
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A new video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action shows a major Clinton and Democratic donor comparing black Republicans to Nazis.

Benjamin Barber compared black Republicans to “Sonderkommandos.” If you’re not familiar with “Sonderkommandos,” Barber explains in the video.

“Jewish guards who, in effect, helped murder Jews in the camps so they could live a little longer,” Barber said.

In fact the definition of a “Sonderkommando” is “a group of prisoners assigned to collect belongings and dispose of the bodies of other prisoners who had died or been killed.” So these Jewish prisoners were forced to comply with Nazi soldiers or they were threatened with losing their lives.

Barber didn’t stop himself from hating on black people who affiliate themselves with Republicans.

“So blacks who are helping the other side [GOP] are seriously f***ed in the head,” Barber calmly asserted.

In the video, Barber continued his hate of everything and everyone not Democrat by trying to explain why they probably think that way.

Barber explained the black Republican mentality as if he were an expert on the matter:

They’re only helping the enemy who want to destroy them. Maybe thinking that if I help them maybe it’ll be different, maybe I’d get off okay; somehow I’d save my race by working for the murderers.

According to the Washington Times:

Mr. Barber, a Rutgers University professor emeritus and City University of New York senior research scholar, isn’t some fringe figure: He served as an informal consultant on civic affairs to President Bill Clinton, wrote a book about the Clinton administration, and donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bids in 2008 and 2016.

Even North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross was allegedly caught on tape making the same type of assertions, according to the PVA video.

“Republicans know that young people, that young people African-Americans and women are less likely to have the ID, so they won’t vote,” Ross supposedly said.

Are women not having IDs a common problem? If so, it’s not widely reported.

Further along in the video, PVA showed the video to African-American Republicans in North Carolina, and their responses were that of bewilderment.

Robert Foster said while holding back his emotions:

Wow. So that’s what they think of us. I’m speechless for the most part. It’s wrong. It’s an eye-opener. But that’s what happens when we as blacks vote a majority just for one party.

Bishop Patrick L Wooden Sr. told the PVA journalist:

I think that Deborah Ross have shown her true colors. Now if this is not, if that, what you just showed me, is not racism and condescending, and basically calling blacks stupid and ignorant, saying we’re voting against our own self-interests if we support any Republican. I am appalled. I am insinged (sic), and Deborah Ross should called to task for something like this.

Possibly the best response to what they witnessed in the video came from black Republican, John Amanchukwu.

Amanchukwu said:

It’s not only dark money, it’s racist and evil money filled with venom. There’s obviously an agenda there. And you can look in his [Barber] eyes in the video. You can see there’s a rage there, and there’s a deep-seeded resentment towards African-Americans. This is unbelievable. I cannot believe that such a thing was said about minorities.

Whatever your stance is on race and racism in this country these comments are disgusting and not the best use of free speech, but we know that calling someone out for being a racist only works if you’re a liberal.

Hopefully this changes that.

For the full video, watch below: