Brawl Breaks Out Near Trump's Hollywood Star As Leftists Attack Guy in MAGA Gear

Nick Kangadis | July 27, 2018
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TMZ must be camped out around President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk Fame, because yet another video out of La-La Land has gone public — and it doesn’t make the far-Left look very good.

Both supporters and detractors of Trump were congregated around the area where Trump’s star used to be before it was axed by ill-informed criminal Austin Clay on Tuesday evening.

According to Gateway Pundit, musician Joy Villa joined youth pastor/YouTuber Elijah Schaffer - both Trump supporters - in "conducting a social experiment" to see how people would react to someone who openly supports Trump.

“We were doing a social experiment to see how one would be treated as an open Trump supporter,” Schaffer said. “It turns out that it’s not very safe to be one.”

Gateway Pundit reported:

During the experiment, a man approached the crew and began demeaning them for being white — while calling Villa, who is mixed race, “n-gga.” As the situation escalated, the man began to rile up the crowd that had formed to chant “f-ck Trump.”

Schaffer told The Gateway Pundit that the man left and came back with more men, one of whom had a large knife.

"They attacked my guard Tony Hoffman and started hitting my camera crew and myself,” Schaffer explained. It didn’t end there. The violent group also stole the YouTuber’s $3,000 camera.

The video picks up when anti-Trump protesters were seen chanting “F*** Donald Trump” in the faces of Trump supporters -- just before one anti-Trump protester began to physically threaten a Trump supporter. 

Bad idea.

Another man stepped in to defend the Trump supporter — a man who, according to someone heard yelling in the video, is a U.S. Marine.

Here’s the video (WARNING: Strong Language. The physical altercation begins at the :24 mark):


Here’s a question. Why is it that it’s okay for the crazy person confronting the Trump supporter to say “the N-word?” In reality, is it okay for anyone to say? 

The heated anti-Trump protester that yelled racist profanity at the Trump supporter - presumably Schaffer - is reported to have been identified. According to Schaffer, the attacker is facing charges of "armed assault, armed robbery" and "potential hate crime charges."

As you saw above, the alleged Marine handled himself just fine, considering multiple anti-Trump protesters attacked him. While violence should be a last resort in any situation, people also have the right to defend themselves from having harm done to them.

Just another example of the Left’s definition of tolerance.