Bozell: Media's 'Gutless Wonders' Covering Up 'Diabolical, Nazi-Like Medical Procedures'

Craig Bannister | August 5, 2015
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Network media are covering up “diabolical, Nazi-like medical procedures,” Media Research Center (MRC) Pres. Brent Bozell said as the network news media continued their blackout of the scandalous Planned Parenthood videos. 

The latest Center for Medical Progress (CMP) video shows a Planned Parenthood official admitting these babies were alive, using the word "cadaver" to describe them. By definition, a cadaver is a living entity that is now dead. She also refers to aborted babies as “line items.” Even more shockingly, the video discusses altering abortion procedures to obtain “intact fetal cadavers.”

Media perpetrating the news blackout are just as guilty as “the butchers masquerading as health care workers at Planned Parenthood,” Bozell said.

Bozell’s full indictment of the network media cover-up of the horrors exposed in the undercover videos is presented below:

“A Planned Parenthood official repeatedly refers to the aborted fetus as a ‘cadaver.’ Webster's defines "cadaver" as a "dead body," Are the news media so pro-abortion that they will refuse to report that this Planned Parenthood official is admitting unequivocally that this baby was alive before he or she was killed? 

“The failure of the network news media to cover the latest grisly video of Planned Parenthood is outrageous, especially when you consider they are still reporting on one lion that was killed on another continent. Everything from babies being stuffed into containers inside freezers to lab techs picking through a dish of baby body parts like they would a salad, is a tax-payer funded monstrosity and the so-called "news" media have a responsibility to cover it. Possible illegal acts are described and perpetrated on video and no one in the network media is curious enough to report on it?

They are gutless wonders who are helping to cover-up abominable, diabolical, Nazi-like medical procedures on the tiniest members of the human family.

“When a lion’s death receives more than four times the coverage in one week than five shocking Planned Parenthood videos showing potentially criminal acts do over three weeks, the media’s moral compass isn’t just broken, it's dead and soulless.

It’s no wonder that the network media have lost the trust of the American people. Their anchors lie, their ratings crater, and yet they CONTINUE to cover up important news stories that conflict with their worldview. It’s inexcusable and yet very predictable. Shame on them. They are just as guilty of perpetrating this horror as are the butchers masquerading as health care workers at Planned Parenthood.”