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MRC's Bozell On Levin: Romney Attacking Trump is ‘Disgraceful’


“This guy will be a conservative when he needs to be, he’ll be a liberal when he needs to be,” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell says when describing Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah).

Bozell discussed Romney’s recent Trump trashing op-ed and possible presidential run with Mark Levin on the Life, Liberty & Levin  Sunday on Fox News.

"If you were Mitt Romney and you were running for president, what would you do?" Bozell said. "What would I do? I'd write an op-ed in the Washington Post attacking Trump.” 

"But the fact that Trump went out and endorsed him. Boy, he took that endorsement didn't he? And he was so grateful for it, and it helped him get elected," Bozell said. "I think it's disgraceful.There's a Spanish word 'aprovechón,' it's someone who just takes advantage of the situation."

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