Bozell: 'Facebook Understands There Is a Problem,' Taking Steps to Restore Public's Trust

Craig Bannister | May 19, 2016
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Facebook acknowledged complaints about anti-conservative bias and committed to addressing its problems, Media Research Center Pres. Brent Bozell said following his meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday.

Bozell characterized the meeting between Zuckerberg and conservative leaders as generally positive and "cordial" - but, also expressed a cautious wait-and-see reaction to Facebook's promises of reform, citing the social media giant's loss of public trust:

"I think this was a very productive first meeting. I think Facebook understands there is a problem. And I think that from the very top there is a genuine desire to resolve it. There were good exchanges and overall it was cordial.

We’ll see how the investigation turns out. There has been a serious issue of trust within the conservative movement about this issue, but everyone in that room, on both sides, wants to see it restored."

Conservative individuals, not just media websites, have been subjected to Facebook bias, MRCTV reported earlier this week, prior to the Zuckerberg meeting.