MRC's Bozell Calls For NEA To Pull Funding For 'Jerry Springer: The Opera’


To view some clips from a production of ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’ watch the video above. Warning the content may offend some viewers.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell joined the Catholic League in calling on the NEA to withdraw its funding of a production of “Jerry Springer: The Opera.”

With the use of funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, “Jerry Springer: The Opera,” a New Group production, will preview at the Pershing Square Signature Center in New York this week.

 “The NEA must withdraw its funding of the wildly anti-Christian, especially anti-Catholic, hate-filled production entitled ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera,’ Bozell said in a press release Tuesday.

“As Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has pointed out, this so-called ‘opera’ receives the majority of its funding from public sources, including the NEA*. This is an outrage, which must end. Clearly, anti-Christian bigotry is the only form of prejudice, which is still acceptable and condoned by the taxpayer-supported NEA. I can’t imagine the NEA or anyone else in their right minds daring to support such an outrage aimed at Muslims, African-Americans, women, immigrants or other minorities,” Bozell said.

“This production features one offensive attack after another against the majority Christian faith of this nation: To give just two examples: When Jerry Springer’s character brings in the Virgin Mary, the choir sings: ‘Raped by an angel, raped by an angel, raped by God.’ And Jesus is introduced as the hypocrite of the fascist tyrant on high.”

“This is not the first time the NEA has supported such hate-filled ‘art.’ Thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts, American tax dollars have funded all sorts depravity – from pornography to propaganda to the abjectly stupid and ugly,” Bozell continued.

“The play is ugly, unadulterated hate. The current tenure of the NEA chair ends in April and President Trump must appoint a new chairman who will once and for all put an end to taxpayer funding for anti-Christian ‘art’ such as this piece of garbage.”


*Specifically Bill Donohue claims: The New Group, the production company which is hosting the opera, receives the majority of its funding from public sources, the biggest donor of which is the NEA.

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