Boston’s Jab-Mandate Mayor SLAMMED By Angry Residents On Livestream

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 14, 2022
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On December 20 last year, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu issued an edict for the home of the Tea Party: as of January 15, no tea house, nor any other non-medical private business establishment, shall be able to welcome visitors aged 12 and up unless said visitors show proof of having relented to one of those incredibly useful, totally tested, really trustworthy mRNA injections the feds stole our money to fund and the manufacturers of which they gave legal immunity.

And, strangely, when Mayor Wu took to a livestream the other day to promote herself via “social media,” she appeared surprised that some of her victims hopped on to push back.

Saturday saw the video go viral, via Twitter users such as Election Wizard, who added:

“WATCH: Boston Mayor Michelle Wu's Livestream didn't work out how she hoped!”



And, as Not The Bee’s Harris Rigby notes, the comments were overwhelmingly critical of the poor, defenseless authoritarian and her Beantown Clampdown:

Why do you hate kids? Teachers? Cops? Firemen?

Then there was:

You are ruining our great city!


Medical discrimination and apartheid

And we cannot forget this:

Medical tyranny is still tyranny!

As Wu blinked and pulled back in evident surprise, the eruption continued: a digital venting over a literal lockdown.

So the discombobulated Wu scrambled to say something, to pick out any hint of anything that could help her pass off the red-hot anger as soft and unimportant. Key to her reaction was not acknowledging the complaints. Then, she blurted:

Okay. In the meantime I will… (pause) try to (awkward laughter) try to (more awkward laughter) try to field any questions anyone has…

Evidently, she found the situation amusing, and didn’t want to answer the above question, nor this:

How long will you mandate tyranny?

And, though it wasn’t in the form of a question, she certainly didn’t touch the simple, one word expostulation:


The video is telling.

But, while suffering folks can find some relief in the act of venting, and see more evidence regarding how people truly feel when it comes to their lives and livelihoods being threatened by someone who literally makes her own living off THEIR sweat and toil, the satisfaction is superficial so long as nothing changes.

This is not something about which to laugh, or smile, or feel comfortable.

This is about much more. It’s about freedom, and the American Rebels who took arms against the Brits in Boston cared about freedom. It wasn’t a laughing matter.

Mayor Wu dishonors their memory, legacy, and efforts with her own authoritarian decrees, and she should stop laughing about it.


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