Boston’s Brown Says Boycotting NBA Finals Effective Strategy For Gun Control

Jay Maxson | June 8, 2022
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The Boston Celtics are three wins away from their first NBA championship in 14 years … and star forward Jaylen Brown says they might boycott the rest of the Finals to protest gun violence. Celts’ fans everywhere must be so proud of their team’s woke lunacy. Or more likely NOT. 

On Tuesday, a woke reporter asked Brown, the scorer of 23.6 points per game this season, if recent gun violence could prompt both NBA Finals teams to pack their bags and skip the rest of the championship series. The foolish Brown said yes, possibly.: 

“It could (get to that point). You keep an open mind, you never know. Definitely things need to be addressed.” 

Is that an open mind? It’s more like a lemming following the crowd. 

Before Sunday’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors and Celtics players wore orange warmup shirts bearing the message “End Gun Violence.” That’s a good message for the nation, but no one suspects for a second that a deranged gunman would heed it. The problem isn’t guns; it’s mental health and security issues. The school in Uvalde recently proved both – not gun control – are the priorities before us. 

Writing for Breitbart Sports, Anthony Farris observed, “Nothing stops a lunatic from unloading on a school, church or grocery store like a handful of professional athletes in orange t-shirts.” So right, he is. 

Nevertheless, Brown and the nitwits in the NBA (yes, you, Gregg Popovich and you, Steve Kerr, et al) think basketball attire and skipping the sport’s pinnacle event would actually decrease violence in the U.S.  

Calling an end to the NBA Finals will raise awareness, Brown insists. As if the news media and American public are not aware of the problem. “It’s a topic that’s being talked about now. Certain people have pressure on them, and changes need to start getting made. 

“I definitely think (boycotting an NBA Finals game) is an effective strategy that can work.” 

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Now if Jaylen Brown, Steph Curry (of the Warriors) and a bunch of other prominent athletes strayed from their gated communities and went into the inner cities and demanded an end to violence, that would be a useful message. Just demonstrating you’re woke enough to drink the left-wing Kool-Aid and repeat the tiresome narratives about guns can only make you feel good about yourself. 

Mind-numbed woke athletes like Brown need to read the reports on violence in the U.S. and give it up with the grandstanding over Uvalde. For in Detroit, this year alone, there have been more than 14,000 serious crimes.  

There’s plenty more where that came from, including this list of the nation’s most dangerous cities. None of which Brown, Kerr or Popovich are addressing at all.