Boston Man Arrested & Charged After Allegedly Lighting Ballot Box on Fire

Nick Kangadis | October 28, 2020
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While the radical media pretends like voter fraud and ballot tampering are a figment of President Donald Trump’s imagination, actual ballot tampering is occurring to the point that people are now setting ballot boxes on fire.

Authorities have arrested 39-year-old Boston man Worldy Armand and charged him with “willful and malicious burning” after conducting a search and locating the suspect, who “appeared” to have burns on his fingers, according to prosecutors of the case.

According to CBS 4 - Boston:

Police said he lit a fire inside the drop box outside of the Boston Public Library in Copley Square around 4 a.m. Sunday. Some of the ballots in the drop box were destroyed and others were damaged in the fire.

A few hours later, investigators released two photos of the man they were looking for. Officers on patrol in Copley spotted him and took him into custody just before 11 p.m.

Suffolk District Attorney Rachel Rollins told reporters that she doesn’t believe Armand’s actions were part of some political scheme to destroy ballots.

“I do not believe that this individual is plotting against our democracy. I believe he is emotionally disturbed,” said Rollins. “Prosecutors say he had a record of charges from New Hampshire, to Ipswich, to Malden, where he’s accused in a similar case, of setting something on fire there.”

Whether the people carrying out these acts are doing so on the part of some political entity, or if the person simply is “emotionally disturbed” as some have claimed, voters ballots are being targeted, destroyed and in some cases lost altogether.

For local coverage of this story, watch below:


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