Bosnian Soccer Fans Shout 'Kill The Jews' at Vienna Rally

danjoseph | April 6, 2015
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A group of Bosnian soccer fans who were in Vienna for a match against the Austrian team joined a pro-Palestinian group that was protesting in the streets.  What happened next is a testament to the anti-Semitism that still permeates throughout much of Europe.

While the Bosnian fans initially joined in with the other protester's chants of "Free, free Palestine," the chanting soon became a call for the extermination of Jews.

According to the Jerusalem Post: 

"At first they stood calmly and shouted, "Free Palestine," back and forth.  Then once can hear a single voice among the group shout out "Kill the Jews." The calls to violence swelled as the other protesters joined.  In a swarm of rage they began jumping up and down shouting "Ubij, Ubij, Zidove," which means "Kill, kill the Jews."

Neither Bosnian or Austrian officials have commented on the incident so far.

Traditionally, relations between Bosnia and Israel have been friendly with Israel having sent a significant amount of aide to the region in 2014 when Bosnia experienced devastating floods that killed thousands.  

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