Border Sheriff: Obama Has Turned U.S. Into a 'Sanctuary Nation'

Craig Bannister | July 15, 2015

“With the wave of the president’s hand,” all of the nation’s immigration laws “are now null and void,” Pinal County, Ariz. Sheriff Paul Babeu declared today.

In an interview with Fox News, Babeu said:

“What’s turned up on its head right now, is the fact that all immigration laws, with the wave of the president’s hand, are now null and void. There are no consequences.

This is why we have illegals that we continue to arrest in my county that have been deported 8 times, 15 times, heck, even 20 times. And, this is why they’re emboldened.

Last year, they released 193 murders, 400-plus convicted of sexual assault and rape, 300-plus convicted of kidnapping – these aren’t American citizens I’m talking about; these are actual illegals who’ve been convicted of these crimes.”

Babeu also blamed Pres. Obama for turning the U.S. into a "sanctuary nation" for illegal immigrants:

“There’s 276-plus sanctuary cities. In fact, Pres. Obama has really sanctioned this entire country. It’s a sanctuary nation when it comes to immigration.”

The answer, Sheriff Babeu said, is to force countries to take back the illegal aliens who break into the U.S.:

“The president’s only defense is: Ah, these countries won’t take them back.

Well, force them to take them back. Deny their visas for their diplomats. Question foreign aid to these countries. And, there’s no excuse for allowing this to go on in our country.”