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Border Patrol Arrests Convicted Murderer Who Crossed Illegally with Other Caravan Members


According to a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol press release issued Friday, Border Patrol agents in San Diego arrested a convicted murder who entered the U.S. illegally with other migrants who traveled via caravan. 

The murderer, 46-year-old Miguel Angel Ramirez from Honduras, told the agents that he was released just four months ago and claimed that he traveled with the caravan from Honduras to Guatemala and Mexico. 

CBP reports, 

Border Patrol agents arrested a convicted murderer from Honduras Saturday night after he illegally entered the United States with other members of the migrant caravan.

On Nov. 24th, around 11 P.M., agents detected three people crossing the border illegally approximately one-mile east of the San Ysidro port of entry. Agents responded, arrested the three men, and transported them to a nearby Border Patrol station for processing. 

At the station, agents discovered documents indicating one of the men, 46 year-old Miguel Angel Ramirez, was recently released from prison in Honduras.  Ramirez later admitted he was arrested and convicted for murder in Honduras and was released just four months ago. The San Diego Sector Border Patrol’s Foreign Operations Branch corroborated the man’s admission with the Honduran Consulate in Los Angeles and discovered that Ramirez served 10 years in a Honduran prison for homicide and three years for robbery.  Ramirez claimed he traveled with the migrant caravan from Honduras to Guatemala and Mexico.

The other two men who were arrested with Ramirez were from Honduras as well. One of them was previously deported from the U.S. 

The news comes after hundreds of migrants rushed the border in an attempt to overwhelm U.S. border security and enter the country illegally. 

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