Border Agent Hit With Concrete Block While Apprehending Illegal Alien

Brittany M. Hughes | October 25, 2016
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A border agent was struck in the shoulder by a block of concrete while trying to apprehend an illegal alien on Monday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported.

The agent was responding to a surveillance video that appeared to show a man unlawfully crossing the U.S./Mexico border in Calexico, Calif. When he showed up, someone on the other side of the border fence launched a chunk of concrete at the agent, hitting him in the shoulder but, thankfully, not causing any serious injuries. CBP explains:

While in the process of apprehending the man, the agent was struck on the shoulder by a block of concrete, approximately four inches in diameter, that was thrown over the border fence by an unknown assailant in Mexico.

The agent suffered soft tissue contusions, but was not seriously injured and declined medical treatment.

CBP reports there have been seven assaults against border agents working the El Centro Sector of the border since Oct. 1, averaging out to about one assault every three and a half days in that one area alone.

MRCTV reported earlier this month that assaults against border patrol agents are up 23 over last year, according to CBP. An average of two agents were assaulted per day at the U.S. border and ports of entry in August. The vast majority of these attacks were committed against agents tasked with apprehending illegal aliens at the border. In fact, based on the number of reported assaults, FY2016 was the most dangerous year for border agents since 2012.