Bookstore Owner Calls Cops On Woman Harassing Steve Bannon, Now Liberals Want His Store Closed

Caleb Tolin | July 9, 2018
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On Saturday, a bookstore owner in Richmond, Virginia called the police on a woman harassing former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Now, liberals want the store put out of business.

“Steve Bannon was simply standing, looking at books, minding his own business. I asked her to leave, and she wouldn’t. And I said, ‘I’m going to call the police if you don’t,’ and I went to call the police and she left. And that’s the end of the story.” Nick Cooke, the owner of Black Swan Books, told local reporters.

The woman reportedly approached Bannon and called him a “piece of trash” which is what sparked Cooke to politely ask the woman to leave.

“We are a bookshop. Bookshops are all about ideas and tolerating different opinions and not about verbally assaulting somebody, which is what was happening,” Cooke said.

Despite Cooke’s clear politeness and decorum, liberals are now calling for protests against the bookstore.

Bannon grew up in the Richmond area, but apparently isn’t safe from harassment even in his own hometown. Bannon, a former White House strategist, is the latest high-profile Trump official that has been harassed in public, joining the list with DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)