This Book Is ‘FANTASTIC’: ‘The Great One’ Mark Levin Praises MRC President’s New Book

Gabriel Hays | December 10, 2021
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Conservative radio giant Mark Levin hosted Media Research Center Founder and President Brent Bozell on his nationally-syndicated radio show Thursday to promote Bozell’s new book. The book, titled Stops Along the Way: A Catholic Soul, a Conservative Heart, an Irish Temper, and a Love of Life, debuted just two days prior.

Bozell’s book – which Levin raved is “fantastic” – is not your average political treatise nor research project which usually populates the political genre. It’s a deeply personal work from Bozell, who fills it with accounts of the experiences that have shaped him on his journey to becoming a “great American patriot,” as Levin described him.

Responding to Levin’s question of why Bozell wrote this book, the conservative leader described how, though some people would describe it as a “biography” or a “memoir,” it is neither of those. Bozell stated that he simply intended his book to be a collection of stories, based on his real life experiences, to show that a better, more conservative world existed when he was growing up, and to inspire hope that it can be found again.

“This is a book that’s designed to defeat the cliché that ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true,’” Bozell remarked, adding that every event in the book “is true” and that the work is “going to take you to a world you never knew existed.”

Bozell further described this world as a place where “goals of ours could be lived, a world of true freedom.” For him, this world was made possible by his “Catholic faith.” He also described it as “a world living in the Judeo-Christian culture, a world where there can be true happiness. A world where you transcend politics.”

To illustrate his point, Bozell talked about how he spent his formative years living in Spain, surrounded by the country’s rich Catholic heritage and a high trust society that he and his brother could rely on to get by on their own. He described how during his time abroad, his uncle, conservative movement legend William F. Buckley, the founder of National Review magazine, would “religiously” send the two boys issues of the magazine which they “would devour cover to cover.”

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That’s the world Bozell told Levin he grew up in. “My father wanted us to understand what it was to live in a Catholic culture, in a Judeo culture,” he said, referencing his great love for the old world values, while also acknowledging the importance of the freedom that’s found in America thanks to the Constitution. 

In addition to these stories about Bozell’s formative years, Bozell mentioned how his book also describes the important experiences he had while “cutting his teeth” in the political movement.

These experiences shaped him on his journey to ultimately becoming the founder and president of Media Research Center, where, as Levin described, he has taken “on the American media, because he knows that they’ve turned into a propaganda and tyrannical organization.”

Brent Bozell’s book is out now. It’s the perfect gift for any conservative this Christmas season.