Bono: 'The Offramp Out of Extreme Poverty Is...Entrepreneurial Capitalism'

Brittany M. Hughes | October 25, 2022
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In news you probably weren't expecting to read on a random Tuesday morning, a prominent Hollywood celebrity is speaking out against socialist policies and touting capitalism as the only surefire way to reduce poverty not only in the U.S., but around the world.

Either that or he's just decided he likes his money and doesn't want it forcibly given away to a bunch of freeloaders - a position likely shared by many a Hollywood elite, but rarely stated out loud.

Whatever the reason, Bono, once a major proponent of wealth redistribution, said his journey into activism is actually what led him to realize that capitalism, led by innovators and business owners, is the only solution to poverty.

"I ended up as an activist in a very different place from where I started. I thought that if we just redistributed resources, then we could solve every problem. I now know that’s not true," the U2 lead singer told the New York Times in an interview published this week, in which he discussed his new memoir, "Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story."

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"There’s a funny moment when you realize that as an activist: The off-ramp out of extreme poverty is, ugh, commerce, it’s entrepreneurial capitalism," he went on, adding later, "I didn’t grow up to like the idea that we’ve made heroes out of businesspeople, but if you’re bringing jobs to a community and treating people well, then you are a hero."

Also in the same interview, Bono ranted agents Donald Trump, calling him “potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America” and slamming Fox News' owner Rupert Murdoch for trying to "destroy democracy." And, perhaps even worse, he admitted it was his bright idea to dump that free U2 album in everyone's iTunes account back in 2014, a move that exactly zero people asked for or appreciated.

But hey, at least when it comes to the government forcibly stealing one person's money and handing it to someone who didn't earn it, Bono's clock has found the right time.




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