Bongino: 'It's Not A Small Thing' For Groups To Reject Big Tech Money - But It Must Be Done

Eric Scheiner | April 19, 2021
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Dan Bongino highlighted the importance of a pledge for conservative organizations to turn down money from Big Tech during a recent podcast.

“This is not a small thing,” the host of the Dan Bongino Show told his audience.

“A lot of these conservative organizations are not for profit, they don't sell anything, they exist on donations. It's hard. Unfortunately, we live in the real world where these companies who want to advance whatever principles, their free markets, low taxes of voting rights, whatever they may be, voter integrity, they rely on donations.” 

“It's not a small thing to turn to, say, Google and Facebook -  because what they like to do, Google and Fakebook and not Twitter so much, they like to play both sides. They do. Their liberal communist organizations, but they play both sides for what? For what?” Bongino asked.

“Because they want Republicans  - elected Republicans - to be compliant, sucker losers and sit down and shut up, boys and girls, and how do you get them to do that? You're write a six figure check to their organization,” He added.

More than 35 organizations have signed a pledge to reject money from Big Tech organizations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and others. 

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When the letter was sent out earlier this month, MRC Founder and President Brent Bozell stated, "We are sending this pledge to all conservative organizations and leaders and urging them to sign it. We must act together to end Silicon Valley’s corrupt grip over Washington and our public discourse." You can read that statement here. 

“I/we make this pledge understanding that Big Tech is corrupt and poses an existential threat to our democracy. Immediate steps must be taken to ensure all people have online freedom and that elections are kept free from Big Tech’s dangerous influence,” the pledge says.

A link to the full pledge can be found here.

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