Bongino Gives Ultimatum to Cumulus Media: ‘Me Or the [Vaccine] Mandate,’ Not ‘Both’

Gabriel Hays | October 18, 2021
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Top conservative radio host Dan Bongino may not have an issue taking the COVID-19 vaccine, but he sure has an issue with the government and his own company mandating injections. 

During a recent episode of The Dan Bongino Show, the conservative pundit declared his anti-vaccine mandate stance, telling the carrier of his radio show, Cumulus Media, “You can have me or you can have the mandate.”

Bongino's comments come two months after Cumulus Media mandated that "employees would be required to get at least one shot of the approved COVID-19 vaccines before coming back to the office." On October 18, Bongino threatened to quit to pull his radio show from Cumulus if it didn't end its mandate for employees. 

During the October 18 broadcast, Bongino prefaced his ultimatum by inviting his audience to think about the “countless” Americans who may not have a job anymore soon because they chose not to take a vaccine. They will have to suffer in very real ways in order to hold on to their freedoms.

He asked whether the corporations -- who will be implementing the Biden administration’s COVID mandates -- have ever considered the conversation these Americans will have to have at their dinner tables about being out of work.

“Have these companies ever thought of that?" He asked, referring to the “countless number of moms and dads who are sitting at some kitchen table explaining to their kids how they may have to move out” because of the incoming mandates.

He slammed the callous elites whose fault it is that “daddy doesn’t have a job” because they all got together in a “C Suite and thought it would be a good idea to sit around and play Doctor Fauci for a moment.” 

Yeah, it’s all about mitigating that virus, no matter the cost, right? Well, Bongino just wanted the record to show that the cost is pretty high. Lives and livelihoods will change because of these ridiculous mandates.

There are so many people who just ignore the little guy or the family man who will be stretched thin by these mandates. But Bongino promised that he has not forgotten them and urged us not to.

“You ever put yourself in that role? You ever put yourself at that kitchen table with mom and dad telling your kids that?” he asked. He then mentioned the suffering this will bring to children in these families.

“Imagine how those kids respond -- that fear they got to live with.” 

The host then explained how he grew up less fortunate so he knows what it’s like to be in dire straits. “You know, I grew up without a lot of money,” he said, adding, “My mom used to make baloney sandwiches for dinner. And when the baloney was no good, you’d cook it and you’d make it good right quick, right?”

Bongino stated, “I’m not leaving any of those guys behind” He then spoke to Cumulus, saying, “You can have me or you can have the mandate.” 

Other conservative leaders showed support for Bongino’s statement. Shortly after the host’s declaration, Media Research Center President and Founder Brent Bozell tweeted, “I'm vaccinated, but I stand with anyone with a moral or medical objection to the vaccine.”

“This is about freedom. We should be free to take the vaccine or not. #StandWithDan,” Bozell said. Let us all stand with these leaders for medical freedom.

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