Bojangles Manager Locks Trump Supporters Out Of Restaurant


Following President Donald Trump’s rally in Charlotte, NC Monday night, the shift manager of a nearby Bojangles restaurant decided to lock the doors, denying Trump supporters service.

One of the attendees of the rally, Michael Furick, posted of the event to Facebook, calling it “ironic”, given that the rally was held at the the Bojangles-sponsored arena in Charlotte.

“Bojangles locked the doors to the Trump rally last night, and denied service. Ironic because the rally was at Bojangles arena. @bojangles this is pretty distasteful. I walk up to the door and people are gathered around and stated they would not serve trump supporters.”

According to Furick, there were at least two dozen people who stood outside the doors and were refused service.

Bojangle’s released a statement on Facebook, noting both this incident and another of a Bojangles customer posting a sign on the door of a different location telling those wearing Trump apparel that they would be asked to leave, and apologizing for the conduct of the manager who made the call to lock the doors. They stated that he is no longer employed by Bojangles.

In an interview with WCNC, Furick said that he was not necessarily offended by the restaurant staff’s denial of service, maintaining that he was of sturdier stock than that.

“If you don’t want me there, you’re not going to offend me…you’re not going to break me, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t Kathy Griffin, you know what I mean? You ain’t gonna break me.”

He continued, commenting that what happened goes above the simple act against Trump supporters, and is part of a bigger movement among several companies to try and manipulate public opinion and behavior to suit their own agenda.

“It’s not all about the Bojangles. It’s about every company or corporation that sits there and tries to tell us what we need to say, what we need to wear. You’re not gonna serve us? Yeah, you are. Or you’re gonna get rolled over.”

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