‘Body-Positive’ Activists Upset Thin Reality Star Titled Her Book ‘Body Positive’

ashley.rae | November 30, 2017
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“Body-positive” activists are upset that reality TV star Louise Thompson titled her upcoming book “Body Positive,” claiming the actress is stealing language that’s actually meant to describe obesity-acceptance.

According to the Bookseller, “Body Positive” details Thompson’s transformation from “an anxiety-ridden party girl, battling with mental health and an unhealthy relationship with eating” to a woman who found “happiness, calm, direction and self-love” through better relationships with fitness and food.

Immediately after The Bookseller tweeted about the book, people took offense to the title:

Indeed, many people were upset that Thompson had the audacity to reference body-positivity, since the movement is allegedly intended to be for overweight people accepting their obesity.

Yeboah told Metro.co.uk, “Seeing as the community was created from the fat positivity community, fat bodies should be the priority.”

“Fat people do not have enough safe spaces for us where we can celebrate and love our bodies and each time we create a new movement, it is hijacked by smaller people under the guise of ‘wanting to feel included,” she continued.

Model Kitty Underhill told IB Times UK she was upset because Thompson is not overweight and is not black.

“So this is yet another example of how body positivity is being diluted, co-opted and sold back to us under the guise of empowerment. NOTHING about this book is body positive,” she said.

“I'm tired of an amazing movement being completely ripped away from its origins. We wouldn't have body positivity if it weren't for brilliant fat women of colour and the fat activism of the 60s, and yet body positivity has become so diluted that it is centring slim white women, forgetting about the marginalised women that built up this movement in the first place,” she continued

“Louise's book is a slap in the face to all the fat acceptance activists who pioneered body positivity,” she concluded.

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