Bob Costas Verbally ‘Waterboarded’ Baseball Playoff Viewers 

Jay Maxson | October 12, 2022
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Who got the worst of Tuesday’s American League playoff game? The Cleveland Guardians, who lost to the New York Yankees in Game 1, or television viewers who were “verbally waterboarded” by television broadcaster Bob Costas? 

No contest, writes Outkick blogger Zach Dean. Costas appears on Major League Baseball broadcasts sparingly during the regular season. But – Lord help our over-matched ears! -- the fountain of useless information is booked for the entire Yankees-Guardians series. He’s intolerable, Dean wails: 

“Between the constant virtue-signaling, wokeness, and, frankly, his need to be literally talking at all times, the longtime broadcaster has become pretty awful.” 

Yes, that would be the downer Costas, with his track record of ripping athletes who declined the COVID jab, scolding the Redskins for their Indian name, praising anthem kneelers and calling Republicans not named Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney “delusional.” 

As MRC Culture has previously noted, Costas is a guy who deeply loves the sound of his own voice.   

Game 1 was a decent game for viewers who did not have the volume on mute, Dean adds. The problem is readily apparent for those who subjected themselves to his non-stop blather. Costas. Just. Will. Not. Shut. Up. 

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One Tweet nailed it: Costas “verbally waterboarded” viewers! So now Dean is desperately imploring the Yankees to sweep the series and minimize Costas’s constant pounding on fans strained auditory systems. 

During infrequent regular season appearances by Costas, viewers could minimize his annoyance on the ears by tidying up the house, tending to their children and staring at their iPhone, Dean wrote. With Costas making an entire playoff series intolerable, fans are at his mercy. 

Another Tweet blasted Costas for his story about how important it is to remember, that in 1902, "Iron Lung" Smithson was three outs away from a 182-pitch no-hitter.” Yeah, that ancient factoid is having a large bearing on the American League playoffs. 

That’s so good to know, Bob, but it’s not all about you, your memory bank of ancient baseball trivia and your Left-wing politics. Now go find your Velcro lips. 


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