BLM Rioters in Kenosha Beat Up an Elderly Store Owner Defending His Business - For 'Justice'

Brittany M. Hughes | August 25, 2020
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Progressive activists are insane.

And not the good kind, like Vincent Van Gogh or Nikola Tesla. Not the kind of insane that learns to grow tomato plants from used carpet squares or builds ATVs that drive themselves around Mars.

No, this is the kind of insane that beats up old people and screams mindlessly at the sky, convinced they’re doing something productive other than just making decent, able-minded people want to press the gas pedal and let the chips fall where they may.

Need some examples? That’s why God gave us the Internet.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin - where Black Lives Matter rioters have spent the past two nights lighting things on fire and assaulting people because a black man with a rap sheet of violent crimes as long as the day got shot by the police because he was reaching in his car as they were trying to arrest him – video footage shows protesters-turned-domestic terrorists beating an elderly store owner who was trying to protect his business as it was being looted and vandalized by “justice seekers.”

In the clip, one black girl can be heard defending the mob that beat the man unconscious and robbed his store, saying they're just trying to "protect ourselves."

In Washington, D.C., a group of screaming adolescents who should be repeating the third grade surrounded a couple dining at an outside restaurant and accosted them for not raising their fists (for justice? Who knows).

Somewhere else in America, a group of scrawny white people with no jobs got in another white lady’s face and hollered at her, screaming that her “silence is violence.” Why? Not a clue. Because, #justice. Maybe. (To her credit though, the woman stayed cool as a cucumber in the face of such overwhelming stupidity.)



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And there you have it, folks. Leftist activism on full display. And if you can’t figure out what they’re saying, or why they’re screaming at people, or what they want, or why they think it’s OK to beat up old men and loot their stores, don’t worry. They don’t know, either. 

But I suppose when you’re dumber than a potato, you don’t need a reason. 

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