BLM Protest: 'White People to the Back! Black People to the Front!'

Nick Kangadis | July 27, 2016

For a group that is supposedly fighting for justice and equal rights, Black Lives Matter just gave yet another example of why their movement will never be taken completely seriously.

In a show of ignorance, divisiveness and racism, Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters were out in full force in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention (DNC). During the event, one of the BLM “activists” called for the segregation of white people who were there to either cover the protest or support BLM.

“White people to the back! Black people to the front!” the woman leading the protest kept telling the crowd.

But the woman was not done chastising white people.

“White media get to the back,” said the BLM activist, “We are not afraid to put people out.”

BLM wants violence against black people by white people to end, so they threaten violence against anyone white. Makes sense.

For video of the BLM segregation order, watch below: