Blind Man Files Lawsuit Against McDonald's for Discriminatory Drive-Thru Practices

Nick Kangadis | June 1, 2016
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Hear no evil, see no Big Mac?

A blind man in Louisiana is suing McDonald’s, because he claims the fast-food restaurant chain doesn't provide enough accommodations to blind people to use the drive-thru.

While the initial accusation may sound banana sandwich, the actual reason for the lawsuit seems quite plausible.

The class-action suit brought forth by claimant Scott Magee says that McDonald’s has discriminatory practices toward people who cannot use the drive-thru during late-night hours where the lobby is closed, claiming he was the victim of such discrimination in August of 2015.

As legitimate as the reason for the lawsuit may seem, I’m sure the fine folks at McDonald’s didn’t develop their drive-thru wondering how they could slight blind people. But instead of bringing up the issue to the Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald’s representatives themselves, Magee decided to join the rest of the lawsuit-happy offended flower children.

I am in no way insensitive toward blind people, but filing a lawsuit without going to a corporate source first is just frivolous. Although, Magee claims he's been embarassed by McDonald's several times due to his blindness.

In the suit, Magee claims that he “felt ashamed of his inability to access the McDonald’s services."

According to CBS-Chicago:

When Magee tried to order on foot late at a McDonald’s drive-thru after the lobby had closed one night in August 2015 near his home in Metairie, Louisiana, the employees “refused service to him, laughed, and told him to go away,” the suit says.

He suffered the same experience on other occasions and “felt ashamed of his inability to access the McDonald’s services,” the suit says.

Magee filed the suit last Thursday at the U.S. District Court in Chicago. The suit is seeking “auxiliary aids or services” to accommodate the blind, plus an unspecified amount of money in court costs and damages.