Black Senator Asked How He Can Help The Poor and Be Conservative (His Answer is Fantastic)

Monica Sanchez | November 7, 2014
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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Thomas Roberts asks Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) how he can truly care about lower income families and still be conservative. He delivers a fantastic response.

Sen. Scott explains how liberal policies implemented by Congress under Democratic control for the past 40 consecutive years have done far more harm than good:

“If we looked at the result of [Democratic] control, what has happened in black America? We saw greater poverty."

He continues, "If we take the statistics from the 1970s to the 21st century, what we see very clearly is that poverty has gone from 11% to 15%. These are classic examples that the policies of the left have not worked. I will tell you, that if I have an ‘F’ on the NAACP scorecard, it’s because I believe that progress has to be made and that government is not the answer…”

Himself a child of poverty, Sen. Scott sheds light on how a good education accompanied by a hard work ethic go a long way. He explains that social programs alone are not the answer to eradicating the issue, but that economic opportunity and an entrepreneurial spirit are.

“We have the largest government we’ve ever had in the history of the country. We have more non-profit organizations working on the same issue. And yet we have a higher percentage of people living in poverty.

“The key, it seems like, is individual freedom and economic opportunity. Fusing those together in an agenda that focuses on education seems to lead forward.” 

Aren't those elements what made America great in the first place?