'Black Power!' March on Washington Speaker Promotes Racist Message

Nick Kangadis | August 28, 2020
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Civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt was one of many speakers in front of the Lincoln Memorial during Friday's March on Washington, which was organized by resident MSNBC race hustler Al Sharpton's National Action Network (NAN), but Merritt seemed to deliver the most divisive message of the day - "Black power!"

Merritt didn't speak very long, but pretty much everything he said was meant to enflame. 

"Look, we cannot be afraid to say 'black power,'" Merritt said. "You cannot say black lives matter if you don't believe in black power!"

Also during his speech, which lasted a little over a minute, Merritt made the claim that late former president Abraham Lincoln "didn't free no slaves."

"I've been hearing a lie from the Republican National Convention (RNC) all week," Merritt said, "and they keep telling me that this man [pointing at the Lincoln Memorial] freed the slaves. Let me tell you something, Lincoln didn't free no slaves! We freed the slaves! We free ourselves!"

This dude can believe whatever he wants about the revisionist history he believes in. It's his right to be wrong. But, saying "black power" is a racist statement. If any white person stood at a podium in front of a crowd of any size and said 'white power,' there would be a revolution in the streets by nightfall.

I'm sorry if that ticks some people off, but that's the truth whether anyone cares to admit it or not.

If you'd like to see Merritt's brief, yet racist rant, watch below:


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