Black Coach’s Promotion Called An ‘Embarrassment’ By USAToday

Jay Maxson | February 18, 2023
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Until Eric Bieniemy gets a head coaching job in the NFL, he’s the victim of blatant anti-black racism. That’s the left-stream sports media’s annual refrain, and they’re sticking with it. Even though the Washington Commanders on Friday hired the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator to man the position of assistant head coach and offensive coordinator, the racial blame game still persists.

This upward move for Bieniemy is an “embarrassment” for the league, says USA Today race-monger Mike Freeman. 

“It is sad, and pathetic, that Bieniemy has to take this job,” Freeman raged. “It is humiliating for him and embarrassing for the NFL.” An additional grievance of Freeman’s is this: 

“Bieniemy has coached in Super Bowls and he was (Patrick) Mahomes' coordinator. In almost all situations, the offensive coordinator gets a nice share of credit for these things. But in the NFL coaching world, credit isn't always given when you're Black.” 

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Freeman rattled off the names of other offensive coordinators who went on to claim head coaching positions in the NFL. “For whatever reason, the same standards haven't applied to Bieniemy,” he said sarcastically. “Can't figure out why. Trying to put my finger on it. Give me a minute. It'll come to me.” 

Bieniemy will call the plays for his new team, for the first time in his pro coaching career. The NFL will have to do better, by him, Freeman demanded. This is not a promotion, but a parallel move. It’s Mr. Spock leaving the starship Enterprise to serve as science officer on the Lexington. It’s totally illogical. 

Besides, the Commanders are losers and their owner, Dan Snyder, is a loser, Freeman whines on. Bieniemy did not call plays for the Chiefs, and in Washington, he won’t run the show, Freeman predicts. “And that's just sad.” 

For the past several offseasons, Bieniemy’s name constantly came up as the black guy who deserved a head coaching job, but never got one. Even though NFL teams that interviewed him decided to hire other candidates, a head coaching position was owed to him. 

Freeman exaggerated that there have been 1.7 million excuses for Bieniemy not advancing to the level of head coach. Among them were claims that Chiefs’ head coach, Andy Reid, has been the team’s real offensive coaching genius. Bieniemy did not interview well for head jobs, Mahomes thrives on his own sheer talent and more excuses prevented Bieniemy’s advancement. 

By Freeman’s own admission, he said Bieniemy looks good as a head coaching prospect … on paper. Until some media race writer can produce evidence (video, audio, text messages) that owners have dismissed Bieniemy as a head coaching prospect solely on the basis of race, the onus is on Freeman and others to uncover a smoking gun.

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