Black Americans Proclaim 'Black Conservatism is the New Punk Rock!'

Nick Kangadis | September 2, 2020
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Black people are sick and tired of being pigeonholed as having to fit a certain stereotype that the radical media and the far-left in general have placed upon them over the last 55 years or so. The left claims to fight for minorities, but their actions tell a different story. That’s why the left doesn’t show — well, only by accident — and will never get behind black people who think for themselves instead of the way said radical media and far-leftists want them to think.

Well, there’s a growing movement, and they’re called black conservatives. I know. A few years ago that would almost be like claiming to have seen a unicorn. Of course there are excellent examples of black conservatives over the years, including Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, and the late Herman Cain. But those names, and a few others, are the names that most people knew about.

An example of black conservatives went viral on Twitter this week when footage of an interview surfaced on conservative Stephen Davis’ profile from the recent Freedom Rally in Beverly Hills, California. For those that don’t know who Davis is, he is an ambassador for Turning Point USA affectionately known on social media as the “MAGA Hulk.”

In a clip that was shown during the interview, Davis confronted a “protester” who made the claim that President Donald Trump has made racist comments about black people, among other races. Davis can be seen asking the man for evidence, to which the “protester” had no answer.

“Nothing! You got nothing!” Davis said in response to the “protesters” silence. “You keep saying, ‘I heard him say this, I heard him say that,’ but you have no facts! You gotta come with your facts!”

There were a couple other comments made by Davis and other black conservatives that were with him that were brought up to make a clear point about those that continue to place black people into these pre-approved boxes.

“I personally believe that the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement is fake,” another man told the interviewer. “It has nothing to do with advancing the lives of black people. Like, their main goal is to break up the patriarchal, like, nuclear family. They want the men moved out of the family.”

“I kneel for no man,” another man told the reporter. “I only kneel for God.”

“As you can see, black conservatism is the new punk rock,” another man identified as Nick Cunningham said.

And then it all came back to Davis.

“We’re the rebels,” Davis said. “You wanna be cool? Come join our cause, baby!”

For video of the interview with Davis and other black conservatives, watch below:


H/T: Breitbart